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Prith is a protagonist in The Black Box series.


Prith is a tall, suave, Indian man with a small face located at the bottom of his head. He is known for performing "Prithisms". He is kind, compassionate, and determined, never backing down from a challenge.

The Black Box[]

In The Black Box, Prith is depicted as an aloof, tall, wiggly teenager. He had an apparent desire to travel to Dubai, but ended up at The Black Box instead. He is seen performing the Prith Run out of The Black Box, and continuing off a cliff. At the conclusion of the story, Prith's fate is unknown.

The Black Box 2[]

Prith is not present in The Black Box 2. However, it would be around this time that he would begin attending medical school after his disappearance and eventual rescue. It was later determined that Prith had lost his memories of his time at The Black Box.

The Black Box 3[]

Some time before The Black Box 3, Prith studied at Johns Hopkins University and completed four years of medical school. He also attained a simultaneous PhD in Chemistry. During this period, he at some point entered a romantic relationship with Naomi. Some time afterwards, he was employed as a chemistry teacher at Applesauce High School. Prith uses his school lab to create new potions and cures for various diseases, particularly the Saisushi Disease. When this cure fails and splashes on him, Prith turns into a zombie. He is mindless at first, but is brought back to his senses by Bhayna. Prith is told he is an instrumental part in protecting Joe, the "chosen one", in his quest to assemble the Cubes of Legend and activate the Roux Method. (Chapter 1).

Prith later learns from Bhayna that Joe has fallen victim to the Monster Bus (Chapter 2). Together, they travel to the Raritan River to rescue him. They discover Joe in a bubble deep in the river and Prith uses his long head to fish him out. He sees a spaceship land on a nearby island and Prith and Joe decide to investigate it together (Chapter 4).



  • Prith's head can greatly change in height depending on his mood. It can also (slightly) vary in width from time to time.
  • Prith wears a doctor's head mirror despite not actually being a physician.
  • Prith is able to administer his concoctions to students because of his connections with the principal, who is Naomi's father.
  • Prith's favorite food is fried shrimp.
  • Prith's family is from Chennai, India.