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Joe is a protagonist in The Black Box 3. He is a student at Applesauce High School and The Chosen One.


The Black Box 3[]

Joe is being bullied at school because of his short height. He takes growth pills to change his height, but ends up getting high. Confused, he goes to Dr. Prith, the school nurse who prescribed him his pills, and accuses him of giving him drugs instead of growth pills. Prith assures Joe that he didn't deceive him and concludes that someone must have meddled with his lab. Satisfied with his explanation, Joe leaves the lab and returns to class (Chapter 1).

Days later, Joe is on a school bus, heading home after a long day of school. The bus is suddenly struck by a large object from space, and is suddenly transformed into the Monster Bus. The bus driver, Mento Beans, is unable to control the massive vehicle, and veers off a cliff into the Raritan River, with Joe inside (Chapter 2). Bhayna, who sensed something was wrong with Joe, came to rescue him with Prith. To their surprise, they find Joe protected within a bubble, deep in the Raritan River. Prith saves him by fishing him out using his long head (Chapter 4).