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Jebediah is Talpos's right hand man and a crew member on the Q-Tip.


The Black Box 3[]

Jeb is onboard the Q-Tip searching for the Applebottom Cube in the Sun. Suddenly, an alert starts going off and a monitor reads "Cube Found!" Jeb alerts his captain Talpos of the discovery and a grabber bot is immediately sent into the Sun to retrieve the Cube (Chapter 1). However, Jeb notices a strange energy burst emanating from the Sun and realizes that the Applebottom Cube was ejected onto Earth. He tries to alert Talpos but is quickly dismissed (Chapter 2). While the rest of the crew grows concerned of the Applebottom Cube's escape, Jeb bravely informs Talpos of this development. Furious, Talpos berates Jeb and beats him, but Jeb bravely stands tall and admonishes Talpos for his poor leadership. On the verge of being executed by Talpos, Jeb is suddenly saved by Agent Tai, who shoots Talpos in the head (Chapter 3).

Agent Tai takes command of the Q-Tip and forces Jeb and the crew to locate the Applebottom Cube for him. Jeb detects the Cube landed somewhere around the Raritan River and lands the ship on Nun Cove (Chapter 4).