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Hish Kosh is a major character in The Black Box series. He is the protagonist of The Black Box and The Black Box 2, and an antagonist in The Black Box 3.


Early Life[]

In 2020, Hish was a student at Applesauce High School when he decided to search for the Black Box with his classmate Prith.

The Black Box[]

After a long and arduous trek, the pair finally stumbles upon the Black Box in the depths of the jungles of the Philippines. They enter the Black Box and are greeted by Bhayna, a godly being and the Black Box's resident at the time. Terrified of Bhayna's presence, Prith flees the structure and falls off a cliff, leaving Hish dumbfounded and alone with Bhayna.

The Black Box 2[]

Bhayna sends Hish on a mission to rescue Prith. Near the beginning of his rescue mission, Hish runs to the nearest bathroom to take a wee break. Suddenly, the Bathroom Bandit sneaks up behind Hish and commits unspeakable actions on him.

Prior to The Black Box 3[]

The attack by the Bathroom Bandit left Hish so traumatized that his mind blocked the most tragic parts of the encounter. It also left him with a fear of the US, so he moved to Okinawa shortly after. At some point, he married Mochi, created the Kosh Dojo, and had a daughter, Matcha.

The Black Box 3[]

On April 4, 2035, Hish opens up to Mochi about the attack by the Bathroom Bandit 15 years ago and the trauma it inflicted on him (Chapter 2). He later finds Matcha training karate masters late at night against his wishes. He tries to scold Matcha, but is stopped by Master Peep. After Peep makes perverted comments towards Matcha, Hish quickly dispatches him by slicing his head in half, but this act scares Matcha, who witnessed the whole event (Chapter 4).