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Cubes of Legend

The Cubes of Legend are a set of nine powerful cubes that contain a vast amount of universal energy. They were created from the Big Bang.


Dichotomy Cubes[]

Properties: If placed within 2 ft of each other, catastrophic events may occur.

Up Cube[]

  • Keywords: Happy, Sun
  • Location: Kingda Ka
  • Description:

Down Cube[]

  • Keywords: Sad, Moon
  • Location: Manila, Philippines
  • Description:

Noble Cubes[]

Properties: Cubes teleport at will

Charm Cube[]

  • Keywords: Seduction, Hypnosis
  • Location: Kepler-22b
  • Description:

Strange Cube[]

  • Keywords: Famine, Plague
  • Location: Raritan River
  • Description:

Unclassified Cubes[]

Properties: The following three cubes have not been studied enough to be placed into a specific classification.

Top Cube[]

  • Keywords: Cold, North
  • Location: Olympus Mons
  • Description:

Bottom Cube[]

  • Keywords: Hot, South
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Description:

Applebottom Cube[]

  • Keywords: Plasma, Star
  • Location: Sun
  • Description:

Undocumented Cubes[]

Powah Cube[]

  • Keywords: Powah, Elusive
  • Location: Unknown
  • Description:

Cube 9[]

  • Keywords: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown
  • Description: The most elusive of the cubes. All that is known about this cube is that it exists.