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Chapter 3: The Umami is the 3rd chapter of the 1st volume and the 3rd chapter overall of The Black Box 3.



Hish continues his story from last chapter about his attack at the hands of the Bathroom Bandit. He explains that the Bathroom Bandit uses Cube Serum to violate his victims, and that he lost all memories of the encounter. One day, he was approached by Bhayna who informed Hish of his attack, and reminded him of his mission to save a "man with a long head". Unfortunately, Hish also forgot about his mission, and had never completed it.

Noticing that it's getting late, Hish and Mochi decide to go to bed, but Hish notices something is amiss and gets up to take a look around the house. He sees his daughter's bedroom, lights on and door ajar, and enters, astonished to find his daughter missing.


Jebediah, Moe Eye, Goggy, and Mack Donald are freaking out in the observation deck of the Q-Tip after learning that they've lost the Applebottom Cube. They are afraid to break the news to their power hungry captain Talpos, but Jebediah, being brave, steps forward and announces they have lost the cube. Jebediah blames their loss on Talpos for not listening to him. Talpos starts hurling slurs at Jebediah, and in response, Jebediah orates a beautifully crafted speech filled with revolutionary rhetoric criticizing Talpos's treatment of his crew. Talpos, in a fit of rage, begins absorbing Jebediah's life to kill him, but is One Deag'd in the head by Agent Tai.

Characters in order of appearance[]


  • Cover Characters: Goggy, Mack Donald, Talpos Jikhail, Moe Eye, Jebediah
  • Chapter Title Meaning: The Umami may refer to the umami of the tea that Hish drinks in the first page.
    • Umami also sounds like the word "mommy." We learn in this chapter that Mochi is a mother.
    • Jebediah calls Talpos a "pig in the deli." Pig meat, or pork, has an umami flavor.
    • Umami means savory. Talpos savored his power when he interrogated Jebediah.
    • It can also be a reference to the savory language used in the chapter.
    • It can also be foreshadowing that the Cube Serum has an umami flavor.
    • "Umami" is a Japanese loanword brought into the English language, making it a word in both languages. This may be a metaphor for Hish's life as an American born man living his life in Japan.
  • This is the first chapter in the entire The Black Box series to be Rated M for Mature.
  • This is the first chapter in The Black Box 3 to have color. In this case, Talpos's blood was colored red.
  • Talpos's last name is revealed to be Jikhail.