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Bhayna is an omnipotent being who formerly resided in The Black Box. He is the head of the Council of Gods.


Little is known about Bhayna's history prior to the events of The Black Box.

The Black Box[]

Bhayna is seen inside The Black Box speaking to Hish after Prith runs off of a cliff.

The Black Box 2[]

Bhayna can be seen giving Hish his mission to rescue Prith.

The Black Box 3[]

For the first time, Bhayna is seen outside of his home, The Black Box. He consoles Prith after his zombie infection, and reminds of their past together. Bhayna informs Prith of the Cubes of Legend and sends him on a mission to prevent the cubes from being assembled. (Chapter 1). Later, he senses something is wrong with Joe and leaves with Prith to investigate (Chapter 2).

Bhayna tracks Joe to the Raritan River and searches for him with Prith. They discover Joe protected in a bubble deep in the river and Prith saves him using his long head (Chapter 4).



  • Bhayna is blind.
  • Bhayna's head is always a perfectly rounded ellipsoid.
  • Bhayna does not speak, he rather possesses an onlooker and gives them an intense hallucination of his speech.
  • Bhayna wears an artist's smock at all times.