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Balderdash is an Ether scientist who worked on creating Agent Tai. He is often seen with his science partner Harry.


Early Life[]

Balderdash is drafted into the Second Great Dynasty War and is shipped to Vietnam. There, he befriends fellow soldier Gibby Lobby. In a firefight against Tai Minh Tai's forces, Balderdash receives an injury to the head that prevents him from growing most of his hair. Because of his serious injury, Balderdash is quickly shipped back home.

At some point, Balderdash joins Ether as a scientist.

The Black Box 3[]

Balderdash is perfecting the creation of Agent Tai. He and his partner Harry enter the final stages of their experiment by having Tai listen to the music of Ether clone Beethoven Jr. (Chapter 1).



  • Balderdash's name is a reference to the fact the character is bald.