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Applesauce High School is a location in The Black Box.


Founded in 1863, Applesauce High School is one of the oldest, most historic public schools in the United States. It was created on an apple orchard immediately after news of the Emancipation Proclamation spread to New Jersey.

Slavery on the Applesauce Apple Orchard[]

Applesauce High School was built upon the remains of Jill & Jobby's Applesauce Apple Orchard, which was created in 1819 after Jill Valentine and Jobby Lobby decided to get married and settle down, moving from southern Georgia to northern New Jersey. In their travels they decided to bring along their slaves they had owned on their apple plantation back in Georgia. As northern states strongly opposed slavery, Jill and Jobby made use of the Reverse Underground Railroad to smuggle their slaves up north. This allowed them to resume business in the north, forcing their slaves to work on the Applesauce Apple Orchard. In effect, the couple had created the first (and only) southern-style plantation in New Jersey.


The Emancipation Proclamation greatly scared Jill and Jobby, as they feared not only for their business, but for their lives. Truly believing that their slaves would rush to kill them upon hearing the good news, Jill decided to fill the slave quarters with applesauce during the night in an attempt to drown them while they were asleep. This plan completely backfired as the slow drip of the applesauce suddenly awoke the angry slaves, who then decided to collectively stone Jill to death with apples in retaliation. Jobby made an attempt to flee, only to be quickly tackled and captured by a group of his former slaves. The ex-slaves demanded he hand over the deeds to the land, which he did with no hesitation. Ex-slave Marcus DeMarcus proclaimed that the land would be renovated and a school would be built to ensure the success of future generations. Jobby's final wish was that his one son, Bobby Lobby, would be looked after and protected by the ex-slaves. Marcus accepted, just before smashing Jobby's skull open with some apple wood. Applesauce High would be constructed that same year, and Bobby Lobby would eventually be appointed its first principal.

The Black Box 3[]

Applesauce High School is a recurring location in The Black Box 3. Joe attends Applesauce High daily, and it is also the workplace of Prith, who is the school nurse. Hish Kosh is also a former Applesauce student.