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Agent Tai is an antagonist in The Black Box 3.


Agent Tai is a tall, burly, curly Vietnamese man who was engineered to be a master assassin by the Ether Corporation. His development began in the late 1970s, when Ether was successful in developing a fetus from a zygote using only Jolly Spaghetti extract. As such, Agent Tai was grown beneath the First Jollibee Restaurant in Manila, Philippines. His intelligence allows him to solve cubes faster than any other person in history, making him a Master Cuber as well as a Master Golfer. His golfing skills allow him to launch golf balls at speeds of up to Mach 6 (~4,000mph) on suborbital trajectories. This allows him to eliminate targets from extreme range without a chance of being noticed.

The Black Box 3[]

In The Black Box 3, Agent Tai is first seen in his final stages of development beneath the First Jollibee. Enriched with the musical talent of Beethoven Jr., Tai is able to attain supreme intelligence (Chapter 1). Tai is tasked with gathering the Cubes of Legend, and is instructed to swiftly eliminate anyone in his way.

On his quest to locate the Applebottom Cube, Tai sneaks onto the Q-Tip and assassinates Talpos (Chapter 3). He hijacks the ship and forces Jebediah to land the ship on Nun Cove after learning that the Applebottom Cube landed in the Raritan River (Chapter 4).



  • Agent Tai is ambidextrous, and can swing a golf club with just one hand.
  • Agent Tai's weapons of choice are his arsenal of golf clubs and golf balls.
    • His gun of choice is a Desert Eagle.
  • Agent Tai's favorite piece of music is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement.
  • Agent Tai has been trapped in a constant virtual-reality PGA Championship since conception.
  • Agent Tai, despite being referred to as a male, is technically genderless and has two Z chromosomes.
  • Agent Tai is the 48th clone developed by the Ether Corporation, but the first to be allowed to grow to adulthood.